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The two founders, Antonio and Giovanni Salvatore Pantano, and the initial collaborators of APWonders Srl ensure broad and unquestioned experience, as well as adequate capacity to support each functional areas of their competence. Among the founders is prof. Antonio Pantano, a key figure of the company, with the function of CEO and Director of design. Antonio Pantano formation of a solid mechanical design established through an Italian degree, a Masters and a Ph.D. achieved in the USA, and two years as a researcher at the prestigious MIT. The experience limited to just three years in terms of management of company by prof. Antonio Pantano is more than compensated by the entrepreneurial experience of the second founder, Giovanni Pantano, which can only be of inestimable value for the birth and growth of the new startup. Giovanni Pantano was the founder and CEO for more than 40 years of important companies.


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